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Garage Door Replacement Ranks #2 In Home Improvement Survey

Garage Door Replacement Ranks 2nd in Home Improvement Survey 2020 Uxbridge On

Garage Door Replacement continues to be a top-ranking investment in home improvement survey. Garage door replacement, window replacement, kitchen remodel, deck addition. Do you have a list of home improvement projects to tackle? Wondering what home improvement projects offer the greatest return on your investment? Wonder no more. Remodeling magazine answered that question for you. Each […]

5 Steps to Buying A New Garage Door

5 Steps To Buying A New Garage Door, Uxbridge Ontario

Considering buying a new garage door rather than spending the money on costly repairs, or painting your existing one? You begin to do a little research, and realize there is more to buying a new garage door than you realized! You’ve discovered that there are numerous materials, styles, and other features that you will have to contemplate. […]

Video: A Guide to C.H.I. Residential Garage Door Styles


In the market for a new garage door? We’ve put together this guide to C.H.I. Residential Garage Door Styles. Time-honored vs. leading-edge. Uniformity and harmonization vs. contrast and distinction. What’s your style? How about when it comes to garage doors? Equipped with the knowledge of the impact that a garage door has on a home’s […]

10 Things You Need to Know about Garage Door Safety

Garage Door Safety Tips, Uxbridge ON

Garage door safety awareness and regular maintenance will ensure that the largest moving door in your home is operating smoothly and safely, and will give you worry-free, convenient access to your home. The garage door has come a long way in terms of materials and style over the years. It’s interesting to note that the […]

Understanding R-Value and Energy Efficiency in Garage Doors

Understanding R-Value and Energy Efficiency in Garage Doors, Durham Region ON

R-Value. Heat conductors. Energy consumption. Thermal resistance. These terms and many more affect the energy efficiency of your home. In your effort to save money, lower energy usage, and leave a smaller carbon footprint, have you ever considered the role your garage door can play in reducing energy bills? Did you know that your garage door […]

Answers to 3 FAQs About Garage Door Springs

FAQs about garage door springs, Durham Region On

Ever wondered why your garage door spring broke,  why it is recommended that both springs on a double door be replaced, or if you can replace the spring yourself? If so, continue reading. Q: Why did my garage door spring break? When the torsion spring on a garage door breaks many people are left wondering why, […]

Know Your Garage Door System – Garage Door Terminology Explained

Know Your Garage Door, Durham Region ON

How well do you know your garage door system? Did you know, on average, a garage door opens and shuts 1500 times each year? That on average a garage door is raised and lowered approximately 4-6 times a day? That it’s actually the torsion spring which does the heavy lifting of a garage door, and […]

Introducing C.H.I. Accents Planks Garage Doors

CHI Accents Planks Garage Doors Cedar Uxbridge ON

Discover the appeal of C.H.I. Accents Planks garage doors. When you think about garage doors, do you find that solid wood doors have more aesthetic appeal to you than the look of steel garage doors? Are solid wood garage doors too far out of your price range? Did you know that you can enjoy the […]

Tips For Choosing Garage Door Colour

Tips for garage door colour, Uxbridge Ontario

Often times our customers ask the question “Should my garage door match the siding, brick, trim, and/or front door?” When it comes to choosing a colour for your garage door, the first step to take is to determine your design objective. Is your goal to make your garage door blend in with the rest of […]

4 Reasons Why We Recommend C.H.I. Overhead Doors

Why Upright Door Service Recommends CHI Overhead Doors, Durham Region ON

With the numerous garage door manufacturers that exist in the industry today, here are Alan Fortnum’s, President of Upright Door Service Inc., reasons for recommending C.H.I. Overhead Doors.   I have been been directly involved in the garage door business since 1989. Prior to 2007, when C.H.I. Overhead Doors first started distributing directly to dealers […]

Why should I have my garage door serviced?

Why should I have my garage door serviced - Uxbridge Ontario

How long has it been since your garage door was last serviced? It is important to periodically inspect and service your garage door and garage door opener to ensure that they work at peak performance and to prolong the life of the door. Servicing your door and opener addresses wear and tear issues before they […]

3 Unique Christmas Gift Ideas

Upright Christmas Magnet

Having trouble finding just the right gift for someone on your Christmas list? If that special someone is a homeowner, consider a gift that will add value and security to their home, and immediately enhance the home’s curb appeal. Here are three ideas: 1. Garage Door Openers and Garage Door Accessories The first option is the gift of convenience and […]