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5 Steps To Buying A New Garage Door, Uxbridge Ontario

5 Steps to Buying A New Garage Door

Considering buying a new garage door rather than spending the money on costly repairs, or painting your existing one?

You begin to do a little research, and realize there is more to buying a new garage door than you realized!

You’ve discovered that there are numerous materials, styles, and other features that you will have to contemplate.

At UPRIGHT DOOR SERVICE INC. we are here to help you navigate the process of buying a new garage door. And rest easy. Once you have made your selection from one of the superior quality garage doors that we carry, it’s unlikely that you will have to go through that process again any time soon! Our doors are durable, dependable, and made to withstand the elements and extended use. Your new garage door will have a remarkable impact on the curb appeal of your house. What’s more, Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs Value report shows that a new garage door will give you a high return on investment.

We’ve put together some steps to take as you are buying a garage door.


Take a look around your neighbourhood at houses that have similar looks to your own. What styles are you drawn to? Would they complement your own home? Not sure about the style or colour? Try C.H.I.’s Door Visualization Program and see what door options suit your style of home.

Now that you’ve found some styles that you are interested in, you are probably wondering what buying a new garage door costs. An attractive non insulated single door can cost as little as $645* installed. A good quality insulated single door with windows costs approximately $950*. If an elaborate style and materials are more to your liking, they can cost from just a little bit more, to a few thousand dollars. Bear these figures in mind and form your budget – this will narrow down the many options that are available and help you to make your selection.
*Price quoted is for standard 8×7 door installed. Larger doors will cost more.



There are a variety of sources you can turn to to purchase a new garage door. The International Door Association (IDA) suggests there is Value in Choosing an Accredited Garage Door Dealer, and recommends choosing a door dealer professional, such as an IDA Door Dealer. Accredited garage door dealers have the experience, knowledge, and and are reliable.

Upright Door Service is a member of the IDA and is an accredited garage door dealer. We have been vigorously tested and approved in the areas of quality, safety and expertise.

When you call, we will set up an appointment to visit your home to provide a no-pressure consultation, and to start the process of changing your garage door and enhancing your home’s curb appeal.

When we meet with you at your home, we look out for your best interests, help you to determine your needs, listen to your wants, work with your budget, and suggest the best garage door options with the best value. You can expect that we will:
◦    Bring samples and brochures to show you first hand what your options are in terms of door models, colour, designs, etc.
◦    Take measurements, and note any allowances that need to be made.
◦    Confirm that there is nothing unusual about the installation.
◦    If necessary, measure for custom sizes.



With the increasing awareness of the impact that a garage door has on curb appeal, garage doors now come in a wide variety of customizable styles to suit your home ranging from traditional, historic, to contemporary.  We offer basic non-insulated doors, to the highest quality garage doors, and all the doors in between -something for every budget and style!

◦    Raised Panel – Short and Long Panel designs
◦    Carriage House Stamped
◦    Carriage House Overlay
◦    Aluminum & Glass
◦    Recessed Panel

Watch this brief video from C.H.I. Overhead Doors to see an overview of their line of Residential Garage Doors.

If you need help visualizing the style and colour of door, we can take a photograph of your garage and then, on the spot, use our Door Visualization Program to show you what the door you are considering will look like on your house before you make the purchase.



These days garages are used for far more than just storage – we also use them for social gathering places and work places. With this in mind, we recommend insulated doors, especially if the garage is adjacent to/below a living area in the home. Insulated doors not only offer insulation where needed, but tend to be quieter, reduce noise, and are sturdier, and more durable. Doors are available in various insulation r-values ranging from R6 to over R17. Read Understanding R-Value and Energy Efficiency in Garage Doors for more information.



•    Garage door operator
•    Windows
•    Decorative hardware
•    Colour: Pre-painted steel doors to choose from or customize colour from 200 RAL Powder Coat Colours.
•    Aluminum Capping of door frames

Contact Upright Door Service Inc. today for a free, no pressure consultation and quote, as you begin the process of buying your new garage door. With our experience, we can guide you through the process, and will make sure that you end up with the best door for the best value. We are ready to serve you. Give us a call today! 905-852-1981


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