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Garage Door Replacement Ranks #2 In Home Improvement Survey

Garage Door Replacement Ranks 2nd in Home Improvement Survey 2020 Uxbridge On

Garage Door Replacement continues to be a top-ranking investment in home improvement survey. Garage door replacement, window replacement, kitchen remodel, deck addition. Do you have a list of home improvement projects to tackle? Wondering what home improvement projects offer the greatest return on your investment? Wonder no more. Remodeling magazine answered that question for you. Each […]

5 Steps to Buying A New Garage Door

5 Steps To Buying A New Garage Door, Uxbridge Ontario

Considering buying a new garage door rather than spending the money on costly repairs, or painting your existing one? You begin to do a little research, and realize there is more to buying a new garage door than you realized! You’ve discovered that there are numerous materials, styles, and other features that you will have to contemplate. […]

The Value of Choosing an Accredited Garage Door Dealer

Accreditations, Credentials,Garage Door, Uxbridge Ontario

An accredited garage door dealer has been vigorously tested and approved in the areas of quality, safety and expertise.  The right contractor can make all the difference. Upright Door Service Inc. suggested Tips for Finding and Qualifying the Right Contractor which highlights the importance of collecting information before making a hiring decision. Similarly, you can […]

Tips for Finding and Qualifying the Right Contractor

Tips for finding and qualifying the right contractor, Upright Door Service, Durham Region On

The right contractor can make all the difference in a home renovation. The gorgeous kitchen remodel you’ve been dreaming of for years. The finished basement that provides your family with much needed extra space. The outdoor patio retreat to entertain your guests in the warmer weather. There are many reasons that we as homeowners choose […]

5 Steps to an Organized Garage

5 Steps to an Organized Garage, Upright Door Service, Durham Region ON

An organized garage can serve a host of functions and provide many benefits for the homeowner. Residential garages have the potential to be multi-purpose rooms. They can provide shelter for vehicles, storage space for household items, and space for social gatherings, hobbies, offices or workshops. However, since garages are large rooms, they tend to become […]

Video: 3 Quick Tips About Garage Door Weatherstripping

3 Quick Tips About Garage Door Weatherstripping, Durham Region ON

Did you know that your closed garage door can allow unwanted air infiltration, and be a contributing source of heat/energy loss for your home? How so, you ask? Let’s say you have a standard, 9’x7′ garage door, which isn’t sealed around the perimeter, and has an 1/8″ gap around it. No big deal, right? Think […]

Video: How to Maintain Your Lifestyle Garage Door Screen

Video - Lifestyle Screen Maintenance, Durham Region Ontario

If you own a Lifestyle Screen for your garage door, you’ll be anticipating spending time in your garage space in the warm weather – enjoying warm breezes without the nuisance of insects. Watch this video produced by Lifestyle Screens to learn how to perform preventative maintenance on your screen door. We’ve outlined the steps from […]

Tips For Choosing Garage Door Colour

Tips for garage door colour, Uxbridge Ontario

Often times our customers ask the question “Should my garage door match the siding, brick, trim, and/or front door?” When it comes to choosing a colour for your garage door, the first step to take is to determine your design objective. Is your goal to make your garage door blend in with the rest of […]

4 Reasons Why We Recommend C.H.I. Overhead Doors

Why Upright Door Service Recommends CHI Overhead Doors, Durham Region ON

With the numerous garage door manufacturers that exist in the industry today, here are Alan Fortnum’s, President of Upright Door Service Inc., reasons for recommending C.H.I. Overhead Doors.   I have been been directly involved in the garage door business since 1989. Prior to 2007, when C.H.I. Overhead Doors first started distributing directly to dealers […]