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Tips for garage door colour, Uxbridge Ontario

Tips For Choosing Garage Door Colour

Often times our customers ask the question “Should my garage door match the siding, brick, trim, and/or front door?” When it comes to choosing a colour for your garage door, the first step to take is to determine your design objective. Is your goal to make your garage door blend in with the rest of your home, or stand out as a feature element and focal point?

While there is no hard and fast rule about the topic, it is popular opinion that the focus of your home should be reserved for your front door. A garage door can account for approximately 30% of a home’s façade if it is on the same face as the front door or shutters, and if it is the same colour as the trim and front door, it tends to draw attention away from the front entrance.  Reserve the accent colour for the front door to direct the eye to the front entrance. By making use of other design elements such as lighting, plants and flowers, chairs, etc., you can ensure your front door is the main attraction.

If you have standard garage doors, consider downplaying the door by choosing a colour that is the same as, or blends with the main colour of the brick or siding. If a small amount of contrast is desired, choose a colour that is a shade or two lighter/darker. By doing so, you can bring cohesion to the overall look of your home and keep unwanted attention from your garage door.

To determine what the main body of colour the brick is, stand back from the house, at a far enough distance so that the mottled colors in the brick seem to merge into one color. Make your selection from the colour that most closely matches. By doing this, the garage door will harmonize with the rest of your home and add visual appeal.

Newer garage doors such as carriage-style doors, are designed to add architectural appeal, make a statement, and be the focal point on the front of a home, in which case a dominant colour may be desirable. If you have decorative garage doors, it’s okay to show them off!

When choosing your garage door colour, select one that blends with the main body of the house in order to maintain harmony with the overall look of your home. Reserve the bold accent colour for your front door to make it the singular feature element on your home. These of course, are only suggestions – what works for one home, may not work for another!

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