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Video: A Guide to C.H.I. Residential Garage Door Styles

In the market for a new garage door? We’ve put together this guide to C.H.I. Residential Garage Door Styles.

Time-honored vs. leading-edge.

Uniformity and harmonization vs. contrast and distinction.

What’s your style?

How about when it comes to garage doors?

Equipped with the knowledge of the impact that a garage door has on a home’s curb appeal, C.H.I. Overhead Doors offers a wide variety of customizable styles to suit your home. These styles range from the timeless classic, to the alluring contemporary, and everything in between.


C.H.I. Residential Garage Door Styles Overview

C.H.I. Overhead Doors presents an overview of their line of residential garage doors in this brief video:


C.H.I. Product Families

C.H.I. Accents Planks

CHI Accents Planks Garage Doors Cedar Uxbridge ON

C.H.I.’s Accent Planks are a distinctive line of steel micro-grooved garage doors that replicate the look of natural wood grain.

Accent Planks are a low-cost alternative to wood garage doors. With their clean and simple lines, you can have the best of both worlds – the rich warmth of wood, with the nearly maintenance-free durability of steel.

C.H.I. Accents Woodtones

Introducing C.H.I. Accents Woodtones. Authentic, non-repeating wood grain patterns capture the elegance, warmth and appeal of real wood, and give the appearance of hand-crafted doors, but with the durability and maintenance-free aspects of steel.

Learn how they are designed and developed.

Available in 3 popular designs: Raised Panel, Stamped Carriage House and Planks. With 5 rich finishes to choose from, these beautifully designed residential garage doors complement either contemporary or traditional homes.

C.H.I. Carriage House Overlay

Beautifully crafted and designed after the style of wood carriage house doors, C.H.I. Carriage House Overlay Garage Doors speak to a sense of tradition.

Choose from 3 style options: the strength of steel, the durability of fiberglass or the beauty of rich, natural wood.

There are 24 overlay door designs with details you won’t find anywhere else. Furthermore, doors can be customized with door enhancement options such as decorative hardware, window inserts, and designer glass.

3 Colour options: White, Almond, Sandstone. (Not all colors are available in all models).

2 Woodtone options: Cedar, Mahogany.

C.H.I. Carriage House Stamped

Classic. Traditional. Time-honoured.

If the timeless look of carriage house style doors appeals to you, consider the Carriage House Stamped Door Series.

These doors are shaped from steel, embossed with a wood grain finish, and come either insulated or non-insulated. They are the perfect combination of functionality, strength and beauty.

C.H.I. Flush Overlay in Accents Woodtones and Solid Colour

C.H.I. Flush Overlay Doors are completely flat, utilizing full color digital imaging to achieve the appearance of depth and printed overlays.

Designed to replicate the distinct appearance of traditional carriage house designs. Available in White, Almond, Sandstone, and Accents Woodtones Cedar, Mahogany, Light Oak, and Dark Oak.

C.H.I. Flush Panel

Not everyone’s tastes run towards traditional with an emphasis on design and detail.

Sometimes a simple and understated style is preferred.  Consider the C.H.I. Flush Panel Door Series.

Contemporary and subtle in design, these doors have straight, clean lines, which complement a wide variety of home styles. Made from steel, with 7 colours to choose from, and an array of window types and insulation, homeowners can tailor the doors to suit their needs and preferences.

C.H.I. Full View Aluminum

Make a bold statement with the C.H.I. Full View Aluminum door.

Made to fit your contemporary garage door application, these garage doors are expertly engineered of aluminum and glass.

C.H.I. Raised Panel

Traditional. Practical. Stylish. Economical.

Undoubtedly the C.H.I. Raised Panel Door Series can be characterized by all of those terms and more. In fact, if your style leans toward classic, and your budget leads you towards the more economical, then a raised panel door is for you.

Constructed out of steel, this is a durable, low maintenance door. Moreover, its classic profile has depth, definition, and visual appeal due to beveled edges on the surface of the door.

Since there are two panel designs to choose from (long panel or short), as well as a variety of insulation options, colours and window inserts, this door complements a wide range of home styles.

C.H.I. Recessed Panel

Durable. Reliable. Low maintenance. Weather protection. Traditional.

C.H.I.’s Recessed Panel Door Series is worth considering if these characteristics are what you’re looking for in a new garage door.  This door design is a throwback to the look of traditional wood frame and panel doors.

They possess the durable, reliable, low maintenance aspects of steel construction. Furthermore, they are equipped with polyurethane insulation. This means superior weather protection.

Embossed with a natural wood-grain finish, these attractive doors can be designed to suit your preferences.

First, choose between long panel, short panel, or a combination of both long and short.

Next, choose from 3 colour options: White, Almond or Sandstone.

Additionally, consider windows. Adding windows brings natural light into your garage and architectural appeal to the door. There are a number of glass options to choose from.

C.H.I. Shoreline Overlay Carriage House

CHI Shoreline Carriage House Overlay 5602 Durham Region ON

In July 2019, C.H.I. introduced their newest overlay carriage house style garage door – the Shoreline. This beautiful door offers the classic appearance and texture of real wood overlay doors without recurring maintenance.

Customize your new Shoreline door by choosing from 24 overlay designs, 6 glass options, and hardware options. Available in 2 Accents Woodtones: Walnut or Driftwood.

C.H.I. Stamped Shaker

CHI Stamped Shaker Garage Door Durham Region ON

Timeless style. Expert craftsmanship. Attention to detail.

C.H.I. Stamped Shaker Doors  feature clean, simple lines and a minimalist design.


What garage door is right for your home?

If you’re uncertain about which garage door style would best augment your home, take a look around your neighbourhood. Pay attention to houses that have similar looks to your house. What styles are you drawn to? Would they complement the architecture of your home?

Envision the finished look using C.H.I.’s Door Visualization Program.  Upload a photo of your home and garage, then experiment with different types of garage door styles. Try before you buy!

Why do we recommend C.H.I. Overhead Doors? Find out here.

Need help?

Style is but one component to consider when buying a new residential garage door. If this is a new process for you, and you’re looking for a little guidance, read our article 5 Steps to Buying a New Garage Door.

Contact Upright Door Service Inc. today for a free, no pressure consultation and quote, as you begin the process of buying your new residential garage door. With our experience, we can guide you through the process, and will make sure that you end up with the best door for the best value.

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