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Video - Lifestyle Screen Maintenance, Durham Region Ontario

Video: How to Maintain Your Lifestyle Garage Door Screen

If you own a Lifestyle Screen for your garage door, you’ll be anticipating spending time in your garage space in the warm weather – enjoying warm breezes without the nuisance of insects. Watch this video produced by Lifestyle Screens to learn how to perform preventative maintenance on your screen door.

We’ve outlined the steps from the video for you:

1. Use dry silicone spray, lubricate the bottom roller stem.
2. Rotate roller stem to distribute lubricant evenly.
3. Lubricate cable lift pin.
4. Rotate pin to distribute lubricant evenly.
5. Lubricate top roller stem and rotate.
6. On top roller bracket, lubricate pivot pin.
7. Lift door several times to distribute lubricant.
8. Repeat steps 1- 7 on opposite side of screen.
9. Lubricate bottom track on retractable door. Operate door to distribute lubricant.
10. Lubricate sides of bottoms sides retractable door, and operate door to distribute lubricant.
11. Repeat lubrication at top of retractable door as well.
12. On an as needed basis, vacuum the bottom of the canister of the screen, to remove any debris or insects, to keep door working properly.

By performing these simple steps, your Lifestyle Screen will operate smoothly and you can enjoy the benefits of your garage screen door for many seasons to come!

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