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Why Upright Door Service Recommends CHI Overhead Doors, Durham Region ON

4 Reasons Why We Recommend C.H.I. Overhead Doors

With the numerous garage door manufacturers that exist in the industry today, here are Alan Fortnum’s, President of Upright Door Service Inc., reasons for recommending C.H.I. Overhead Doors.

Alan Fortnum, President. Uxbridge Ontario
Alan Fortnum, President of Upright Door Service Inc.


I have been been directly involved in the garage door business since 1989. Prior to 2007, when C.H.I. Overhead Doors first started distributing directly to dealers in Ontario, I was purchasing doors from many different manufacturers as I found that no one company provided the best value for a wide range of models and styles. In my dealings with other garage door companies I found that no one could beat C.H.I. for their superior quality of doors and customer service, so when C.H.I. opened up to door dealers in Ontario, I was one of the first dealers to sign with C.H.I..


•    Dedicated to manufacturing superior quality residential garage doors, commercial doors since 1981.
•    Recognized by Door Dealer Magazine as best in business for Residential Doors in 2012, and Best in Customer Service in 2013.



•    Uses premium-quality materials with superior designs and workmanship.
•    Their products possess the durable qualities needed to stand up to the elements over time and extended use.
•    All complete C.H.I. doors have an aluminum retainer for bottom weather seal, as opposed to plastic retainers which are prone to cracking/breaking, used by many companies including those selling C.H.I. panels but using after-market hardware.
•    Offer wide range of styles and types of doors: steel, fiberglass and wood faced doors.
•    Long-lasting, durable hardware (tracks, rollers, hinges, and other hardware) assures efficient, consistent operation and is higher quality than most other manufacturers.
•    The size and placement of hinge plates allow for better attachment of openers and struts, as they are mounted on the inside of door from top to bottom of section on C.H.I.’s 3 layer insulated doors. Many other garage doors have small plates exactly where hinges are located, or small strips along top and bottom of section, which does not provide same strength for attaching struts or openers.


CHI Overhead Doors Quality Value, Uxbridge ON


•    When each C.H.I. door that Upright orders is manufactured, it comes right off the manufacturing line and is loaded directly onto a truck bound for Upright; the doors are not transferred to a warehouse or holding station. This minimizes handling, and reduces the risk of damage.
•    C.H.I. manufacturing plant uses higher quality products, in many cases well above industry standards, when lesser quality would do.
•    One of the best warranties in the industry.



•    Introduced RenoWorks – C.H.I.’s original door visualization program which allowed homeowners to visualize how new door would look.
•    Later developed their DoorVisions Program – valuable tool allowing Upright customers to preview what a new garage door from C.H.I. would look like on their home.
•    In Dec 2013 released DoorVisions iPad App – now a photo of garage can be snapped and uploaded, allowing homeowner to view different configurations of doors, windows, etc. right from their own driveways.
•    8 standard colours and 200 powder coated colours – with full warranty.
•    Innovative products like Accents Logos and Accents Images – murals/logos for interior or exterior of door (scenes, flags, patterns, logos, wood grain).



•    Annual dealer meetings provide education on products, safety, service, new trends and issues facing industry.
•    C.H.I. listens to their dealers at the annual dealer meetings, and act upon dealers feedback in a constant effort to improve products,   manufacturing process, and customer service.
•    Engineering department readily available to fully support dealers with technical issues.
•    Reliable weekly delivery schedule – doors are delivered on time and for over 7 years, I have gone without the hassle of back-orders.

Upright Door Service Inc authorized CHI 5 Star Dealer, Durham Region ON

“My job is to advocate for the client and use my experience to help find the best product at the best value to suit their needs and wants. I believe that C.H.I. partners with me to do just that. Moreover, I have never experienced a company that stands behind their product like C.H.I. does.” Alan Fortnum, Upright Door Service Inc.

Upright Door Service Inc. is proud to be an authorized C.H.I. Overhead Doors 5 Star Distributor and has experienced first-hand C.H.I.’s premium-quality garage doors, excellent customer service and dealer support. For many of our clients, purchasing a garage door can be a once in a lifetime experience if they purchased a C.H.I. door – exceptional in quality, craftsmanship, and value.

For more information about C.H.I. Overhead Doors contact us today.





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