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Why should I have my garage door serviced - Uxbridge Ontario

Why should I have my garage door serviced?

How long has it been since your garage door was last serviced?

It is important to periodically inspect and service your garage door and garage door opener to ensure that they work at peak performance and to prolong the life of the door. Servicing your door and opener addresses wear and tear issues before they develop into major safety concerns.

You can visually inspect the garage door once a month, taking a look at cables, springs, tracks, hinges, and rollers for signs of wear. Some of these parts are under extreme tension, so do not attempt to adjust, repair or remove these parts or anything attached to them. If a specific problem needs to be addressed, schedule an appointment with one of Upright’s trained technicians, to have the parts serviced, and make the necessary adjustments and repairs.

Upright Door Service Inc. recommends an annual service of your garage door and garage door opener, unless a specific problem arises.

When was the last time your garage door was serviced - Durham Region ON


Garage Door
•    Inspect, adjust and lube springs as needed
•    Inspect torsion spring mounting pad
•    Inspect condition of door sections as needed
•    Inspect and adjust track alignment
•    Inspect and lube rollers
•    Inspect and tighten hinges and hardware
•    Lube all bearing plates
•    Lube cable attachment, inspect cables for wear
•    Inspect locks for proper operation
•    Inspect weather stripping for wear and damage

Garage Door Opener
•    Perform UL 325 Safety Reverse Test
•    Inspect for proper operation
•    Adjust up and down force sensitivity if needed
•    Inspect drive chain/belt, adjust as needed
•    Lube drive train and sprockets
•    Inspect wiring and connections
•    Inspect internal gear, belts and motor mounts
•    Adjust and clean up and down limits as needed

To minimize chance of injury or costly repairs let one of our Upright Door Service Inc.’s experienced technicians inspect and service you garage door and electric opener.


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