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Answers to 3 FAQs About Garage Door Springs

Ever wondered why your garage door spring broke,  why it is recommended that both springs on a double door be replaced, or if you can replace the spring yourself? If so, continue reading.

Q: Why did my garage door spring break?

When the torsion spring on a garage door breaks many people are left wondering why, and what they should do about it. The spring has not broken because the children or your spouse have opened and closed the garage door too fast or too hard. It is normal that the garage door spring snaps as a result of normal wear and tear. When the torsion spring on your garage door breaks you may hear a loud bang; it may even sound like a gun shot.

Garage door springs are calculated to counterbalance the weight of your door. It is important to use the right size spring for the size and weight of your garage door. Most residential garage door springs are rated for 10 – 15 thousand cycles. It is possible to design a spring to last many more cycles by using a larger wire size. Most residential springs last between 10 and 20 years. If your previous spring lasted less than 5 years, it could be that you are using your garage door more often than average and might want to consider asking your Upright Door Service technician about using higher cycle springs.

Q: Why should I replace both springs on a double door?

If you have a double garage door with 2 springs on top we normally recommend that you replace both at the same time. As mentioned previously, both springs are rated for the same number of cycles and have had the same amount of wear and tear. It is similar to tires on a car, although with a garage door spring there is no visible sign of wear. When the metal has fatigued to the breaking point, it may break suddenly.  It is very likely that the other spring will break within the next 6 months and you will end up having to pay double the labor to have the job done twice.

Q: Can I replace the garage door springs on my own?

Although not impossible for a skilled do-it-yourself-er to replace torsion springs on their own, we strongly recommend that you hire a professional for this job. Many people are seriously injured every year as a result of attempting this repair without proper training and equipment. It is essential to have the right tools and know how to do the job safely. At Upright Door Service Inc., our technicians are highly qualified, and have the expertise to spot and correct potentially dangerous situations.

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