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Why Won't My Garage Door Open Fully, Durham Region

Video: Why Won’t My Garage Door Open Fully?

You’re running late, you’re in a hurry, and to make matters worse, you press the button on your garage door remote, and…it won’t open all the way!

What’s going on, and what can be done to fix it?

Watch this brief video from Liftmaster to understand what’s happening, and possible ways to fix the problem, so you can get you on your way again.

Please note this video is for demonstration purposes only. For complete instructions and safety information, consult your owner’s manual. If a specific problem needs to be addressed, schedule a service appointment with one of Upright’s trained technicians to have the necessary adjustments and repairs taken care of. If you have questions, contact the professionals at Upright Door Service Inc., we’ll be happy to provide assistance.

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