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Video: How To Perform Garage Door Safety Test

Learn how to perform garage door safety test to ensure your garage door system is in safe working order. 

A garage door operator offers convenience and security to a home.

Yet, serious injury or death can occur when garage door systems are not operating correctly or if they fail to meet safety regulations.

Test your garage door system to ensure it is in safe working order.


First, learn about garage door safety.

Review our two articles, “Garage Door Operator Safety Tips” and “10 Things You Need To Know About Garage Door Safety“. These articles provide detailed information about garage door safety, including safety regulations, repairs and maintenance, and how to protect your family from injury.

Watch this children and garage door safety video from with your child today and help them understand that garage door systems are not to be played with or near.


In addition to knowing about garage door safety, did you know you should perform a test to see if your garage door opener is working properly?

Follow these 3 easy steps in LiftMaster’s “How To Do a Garage Door Safety Test” Video:

Step 1: Check sides of garage door for properly installed photo eyes – these should be mounted no higher than 6″ off the ground.
Step 2: Block photo eye with object over 6″ tall, and press garage door close button. The door should not close.
Step 3: Lay 1.5″ high object in garage door’s path, and press the close button – the door should reverse when it comes into contact with the object.


Book a service call with a trained professional if your garage door fails to reverse during the recommended garage door safety test.

Did you know that auto reverse safety features and quick release mechanisms are requirements of today’s garage door openers? Openers must include photo eyes/motion sensors that will reverse upon contact. If your existing garage door opener was made prior to 1993, it may fall short of today’s safety standards. We recommend that you replace it.

Garage Door Opener Safety Standards Durham Region ON



Periodically perform this garage door safety test and regularly maintain your garage door and garage door opener.

Contact Upright Door Service Inc. if you performed the garage door safety test and your door failed to reverse.

We are an accredited garage door dealer and a member of the International Door Association. Our technicians are qualified professionals with the expertise to spot and correct potentially dangerous situations. We’ll get your garage door system in working order again. Then you can enjoy years of reliable convenience, and most importantly, safe operation.

Garage Door Safety Tips - Contact Us Today, Durham Region ON


Follow the steps we’ve outlined in “How Do I Know If My Garage Door Is Properly Balanced“.

Visit our NEWS page to learn more about garage door maintenance, repair, and safety.

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