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Holiday Gift Guide From Upright Door Service Inc, Durham Region ON

Holiday Gift Guide from Upright Door Service Inc.

Our Holiday Gift Guide has some great gift ideas for the homeowners on your list!

Who is on your gift list this holiday season? What are their needs?

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  • Homeowner who is in need of a new garage door?
  • A senior/person with mobility challenges who could benefit from convenience and accessibility to their home with a new garage door operator?
  • The tech-enthusiast who’s into cutting edge gadgets and the ability to open their garage door from anywhere?
  • A runner/cyclist/someone on the go who doesn’t want to carry keys/bulky remotes to access their home & garage?



Garage doors and garage door operators likely don’t spring to mind when you’re brainstorming gift ideas. We get it! But consider this – garage doors and garage door operators are gifts that will be used on a daily basis.

Here are just a few benefits to consider.

  • Garage door systems endure for years to come when properly maintained.
  • They offer increased security and peace of mind.
  • Curb appeal and a home’s value are increased.
  • Safety, convenience, and accessibility are key benefits.

Now doesn’t that sound like the kind of gift that you want to give?!

Let’s now look at each of these gift ideas more closely.


Is your loved one daily struggling with a worn/damaged door or a door that is an eye-sore? A new garage door would make the perfect gift! It’s a gift that will be appreciated for years to come.

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Benefits of a New Garage Door

Transform the look of your loved ones home by purchasing them a new garage door. They’ll reap many benefits!

Aside from increasing a home’s curb appeal/resale value, AND offering excellent Return on Investment, new garage door offers other advantages:

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  • Reduced maintenance: Modern garage doors are made from materials that need less maintenance. For cleaning, many only require mild detergent and water. And, no more scraping paint to apply a fresh coat each year! Regular service will ensure peak performance.
  •  Increased safety: New garage door systems are required to have safety sensors that prevent the door from closing if they sense anything in it’s path.
  • Quieter operation: Old garage doors and their worn parts make a great deal of noise. Non-insulated garage doors can allow a lot of road noise into the home. A tight fitting, insulted door can make a significant difference in sound reduction.
  • New insulated garage doors increase energy efficiency of the home and lower energy bills.
  • Differentiates the home from the rest of the neighbourhood.



Garage Doors to Suit Every Home

We believe garage doors can be a combination of functionality, durability, AND class.

At Upright Door Service Inc., we offer a variety of garage doors to suit any home and personal preference. We’re an I.D.E.A. accredited door dealer and are proud to be an authorized C.H.I. Overhead Doors 5 Star Distributor. Maintaining relationships with many other leading manufacturers allows us to offer a broad spectrum of superior quality garage doors and accessories.

Choose from an array of door designs, colours, and the latest trends in the garage door industry. From traditional to contemporary and anything in between. For more info, read 5 Steps to Buying a New Garage Door.

Speak with our experts about your project and get a free quote. Our 25+ years of experience allows us to provide personalized advice and help you find the best garage door product with the best value.

Types of Garage Doors Durham Region ON
Upright Door Service Inc. is proud to be an authorized C.H.I. Overhead Doors 5-Star Distributor.


Electric garage door operators can be a fairly inexpensive gift that all members of the household benefit from.

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The Garage Door Operator: A Convenient Luxury or Invaluable Tool?

Opening garage doors with the push of a button is a time-saver and convenient luxury for anyone who has use of a garage door operators. However, garage door operators move from a luxury item to an invaluable tool for seniors and those with restricted mobility who struggle to lift and lower their heavy garage doors by hand.

Imagine being able to give the gifts of accessibility, safety, mobility, and perhaps restored independence to your loved one who faces mobility challenges! 


LiftMaster Garage Door Operators

We provide superior quality products to our customers, and carry LiftMaster garage door operators. LiftMaster operators are built for performance and durability. They offer the highest quality of safety and security features, and withstand years of prolonged use in the elements.

On select models, innovative safety and security features like battery backup, audio/visual warnings, motion detectors, and Timer-To-Close, offer convenience and peace of mind. What’s more, homeowners can monitor, open and close the garage door with smartphone control from anywhere with LiftMaster’s innovative MyQ technology. Here are just a few openers that are available:

Premium Series Garage Door Operators: A great gift for the person on your list who is looking for a reliable opener that offers every day quality performance, security, connectivity, and control.

garage door openers, Uxbridge Ontario

Elite Series Garage Door Operators: With an array of features like smartphone control, Battery Backup and advanced security features, garage door systems are taken to a whole new level! Perfect for the person on your list who is looking for a dependable opener which provides peace of mind that the garage is safe and secure.

Elite Series LM Garage Door Openers Durham Region ON

*Please note: Safety and Security features vary by model. Contact Upright Doors for more information.


From mini remote controls to wireless keyless entry systems, we have a range of accessories to fit various needs, including:

Remote Controls come in a full range to suite different lifestyles, and give more control over a garage door opener:

LM Remote Controls Durham Region, ON

Wireless Keyless Entry Systems allow homeowner the ability to open or close garage without a key or remote control:

Wireless Keyless Keypads, Durham RegionON

Control Panels control the garage door, turn lights on when entering a dark garage, or even display the inside garage temperature and other important system status messages.

Wireless Control Panels, Durham Region ON

#4: MYQ ACCESSORIES (Connected Home)

For those on your list that love to have the latest tech gadgets, these accessories allow them to open and close their garage from anywhere, receive garage door activity alerts, and monitor the status of their door. Watch this video from LiftMaster to learn more.

MyQ Garage Door Opener Accessories, Durham Region ONMyQ Garage Door Opener Accessories Pg 2, Durham Region ON

Ensure that the current garage door system is compatible with the accessories you’re interested in. Call us at 905-852-1981.


If the items mentioned in our holiday gift guide seem beyond your budget, don’t worry!  Gift certificates are available. Use towards the purchase of garage doors, openers and accessories.

Give the lasting gift of convenience, safety, security, and added value to the homeowners on your gift list. If you need help determining which model or accessories would best suit your needs, contact us, we can help!

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