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Back to School Safety Tips for Drivers

Back to school safety tips for drivers. Upright Door Service shares important driving safety tips to keep kids safe on the roads as they return to school this fall.

It’s back to school time again. This means more children will be walking and biking on the roads. School buses will be out in droves. Therefore motorists will need to take extra care behind the wheel.


It is important to remember that younger children:

  • are not able to accurately determine the speed of a vehicle
  • aren’t always aware of oncoming traffic
  • don’t have the skills to negotiate traffic safely
  • may take risks when crossing the street

Back to school safety tips for drivers


As drivers, can help our children get to school safely by avoiding all distractions and following these important safety rules:

  • Reduce your speed, pay attention, and obey traffic laws in school zones and neighbourhoods surrounding schools

  • Be ready to stop at all times

  • Children on bikes are often unsteady, slow and unpredictable. Slow down. Allow at least 3 feet of passing distance between the bicycle and your vehicle

  • Wait patiently for children to complete their crossing before you proceed


Try to make eye contact with children who are waiting to cross the road

  • Stop when directed to do so by crossing guards

Do not load and unload children into vehicles across the street from the school

  • Don’t double park in the school zone – this blocks visibility for other children and vehicles

  • Never pass a vehicle that has stopped for pedestrians

  • When traveling behind a bus, follow at a greater distance than you would when following another car. This will give you more time to stop once yellow lights begin to flash

  • Watch for bikes coming from behind parked cars or driveways


Do not block crosswalks when stopped – this forces pedestrians to go around you and puts them in the path of moving traffic

  • Watch for children arriving late for the bus – they may dart across the street without heeding traffic

Back-to-school driving has its challenges. However by remaining alert, eliminating distractions, and following these back to school safety tips for drivers, you can do your part make the roads safer for children and school bus drivers.

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