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Avoid Garage Door Repair Scams - Durham Region ON

Avoid Garage Door Repair Scams

Garage door repair scams. They occur all too often. Learn what you can do to spot garage door repair scams. Furthermore, learn the value of hiring an accredited garage door dealer. 

These days there are many types of scams that cause people to lose their hard-earned money.

IRS Scams.

Debt Collection Scams.

Employment Scams.

And did you know garage door repair scams are one them?


Disreputable garage door companies use impressive advertising with misleading information to draw customers in. Their advertisements lure customers with seemingly low service call rates. These customers are then gouged on pricing for parts and labour.

Prime targets of these garage door repair scams are homeowners in need of emergency repair who hire the first person they contact. These disreputable garage door companies:

  • take advantage of those who have little to no knowledge about their garage door system.
  • capitalize on the fact that some homeowners are not familiar with the actual cost of garage door parts.
  • often perform unnecessary repairs using unnecessary parts, and charge inflated prices. These overcharges can exceed the cost of a new basic garage door system.

Fortunately, trade associations committed to the integrity of the garage door industry exist and are bringing awareness to homeowners.

The  International Door Association (I.D.A.) and Door & Access Systems Manufacturers Associations  (DASMA) produced a series of consumer alert videos. These videos educate homeowners about garage door repair scams, and share how to find a reputable and accredited garage door dealer.

Watch this video to learn more about garage door repair scams:


    [dropcap color=”black” background=”grey” style=”rectangle” size=”big”]1.[/dropcap]Get Informed

The first step to take to avoid a garage door scam is to become informed about your garage door system.

Most of us don’t put much thought into the mechanics and individual parts that make it possible for the garage door to open and close. However, we might become suddenly interested in knowing more about the door system if it stopped working and needed to be repaired!

Increase your knowledge of garage door systems and understand the terminology a repair technician is using by referring to our glossary of garage door terms. There we’ve compiled a comprehensive (though not complete) list of terms and definitions relating to garage doors, installation and service.

Watch this video to learn how your garage door system works, and the 4 common reasons your garage door may need service:

    [dropcap color=”black” background=”grey” style=”square” size=”big”]2.[/dropcap]Research

Secondly, researching the average cost of garage door parts is a useful step. Research the typical market cost of garage door parts (torsion spring, cables, rollers, etc) to avoid overpaying when your garage door requires service. If you are requiring only repair or service work, obtain a firm estimate prior to authorizing the work. If the cost of repair or service seems extremely unreasonable, it probably is.

[dropcap color=”black” background=”grey” style=”square” size=”big”]3.[/dropcap]Spot Marketing of Garage Door Repair Scammers

The fact is, both reputable and disreputable garage door repair dealers advertise. So how do you differentiate between an honest company and one that will take advantage of you?

Scammers spend a lot of money on advertising in Yellowpages, coupon books, and internet listings. They advertise frequently to attract more customers and appear reputable. They often spend a lot of money to rank highly on internet searches, and may purchase the largest ads in the Yellowpages to advertise special deals.

Reputable garage door repair companies also have budgets for advertising, and will advertise heavily in all the same places. Therefore it is important to carefully review the ads you see to discern a reputable garage door repair company from a dishonest one.

Watch this video to spot marketing from garage door repair scammers:

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Warning Signs to Look for in Advertising

In order to spot marketing from garage door repair scammers, you will need to review ads and pay careful attention to the following details of the advertisement:

  • Warning Sign #1: Company Names – Unethical companies operate under many names, or use names that are generic, inconsistent, or unclear. Garage door repair scammers do not want to be found after they have taken advantage of someone. Make sure the name they are using in their ad matches their website.
  • Warning Sign #2: Street address – A company’s advertising and website should have specific street address listed. Scammers rarely identify a location where customers can visit them. They’ll often use phony addresses, or may claim to be in corporate plazas or office complexes.
  • Warning Sign #3: Advertising that promises low-priced service call – Be wary of advertising promising low-priced service call. Disreputable garage door repair companies advertise low service call rates (i.e. $30) to land the business. Then they will often recommend repairs that will cost hundreds of dollars.  Victims of garage door repair scammers are often grossly overcharged and end up paying for unnecessary parts and service. They can end up with a bill for over $1000.00.


[dropcap color=”black” background=”grey” style=”square” size=”big”]4.[/dropcap]Call and Ask Questions

Fourthly, when searching for reputable garage door repair service, a simple phone call can be a good way to avoid a garage door repair scam. This step may save yourself trouble and potentially money.

Watch this consumer alert video to learn how to detect a garage door repair scammer:
[custom_blockquote style=”red”]

How To Detect A Scammer- Call and Ask Questions

Ask the following questions and listen carefully to the garage door company’s response to discern between trustworthy garage door repair companies and dishonest ones.

Question 1: Company Identity – Listen closely to how they identify their company. Fraudulent garage door repair companies often advertise under many names. When you call, they are forced to answer with a specific name. If they answer with a generic response such as  “garage doors” or “door service”  they may be hiding their true identity.

Question 2: Company Name – Ask for the name of the company if they did not identify themselves. If the name they state is different than the name that they advertised under, be wary. Call another company for service if they have a problem correctly identifying themselves.

Question 3: Street Address – Ask for specific street address. This is important information to have if there are billing or warranty issues later on.


[dropcap color=”black” background=”grey” style=”square” size=”big”]5.[/dropcap]Find a Reputable Company

Now that you know the signs to look for to avoid garage door repair scams, you need help to find actual reputable garage door dealers.

Look for companies with excellent ratings. Be aware that some scammers do make false claims, false reviews and even use other company’s names and logos illegally. If possible, review company’s ratings from well-known ratings agencies or the Better Business Bureau.

[custom_blockquote style=”red”]

To find a reputable company, the I.D.A. suggests consumers ask other questions such as:
[checklist text_color=”” icon_color=”grey” icon_bg_color=”” shape=”square” font_size=”” fontawesome_icon=”fa fa-star”]

  • Does the business have a brick and mortar office in the community?
  • Has the business provided you with names of satisfied customers?
  • Have you checked with the Better Business Bureau or Chamber of Commerce?
  • How long has the company been in business?
  • Does the company carry required insurance?
  • Does the company install products or repair them in compliance with local, state and federal codes?
  • Are the company vehicles clean and professionally signed? If required, do they include a contractor license number?[/checklist]


[dropcap color=”black” background=”grey” style=”square” size=”big”]6.[/dropcap]Consider the Value of An Accredited Garage Door Dealer

Finally, perhaps the best way to avoid falling victim to a garage door scam is to get an additional estimate from a garage door dealer who is a member of, and has credentials from associations such as the I.D.A. and the Institute of Door Dealer Education and Accreditation (I.D.E.A).

Consider the value of an accredited garage door dealer. These garage door repair companies have experience, quality worksmanship, code and regulatory compliance, insurance coverage, and financial integrity.

An accredited garage door dealer has gone the extra mile:

⇒They meet a higher level of professionalism.
⇒They have been validated by independent organizations recognized by the entire industry.
⇒The end is result is a satisfied customer.

The IDA recommends that you visit the IDA member locator to find a reputable garage door dealer in your area. Or visit manufacturer websites for dealer locators (i.e. C.H.I. Dealer Locator).

[custom_blockquote style=”red”]

Upright Door Service Inc. Is An I.D.E.A. Accredited Garage Door Dealer

We proudly display the IDEA Accreditation Seal. We earned the ‘I.D.E.A. Accredited Door Dealer’ designation for:

[checklist text_color=”” icon_color=”” icon_bg_color=”” shape=”circle, rounded, square” font_size=”” fontawesome_icon=”fa fa-star”]

  • Completing a six-part study course.
  • Documenting good business practices.
  • Receiving recommendations from others with whom we do business.
  • Demonstrating our commitment to industry excellence.


Upright Door Service Inc. is a C.H.I. Overhead Door 5- Star Distributor.

We earned the title by meeting these terms:

[checklist text_color=”” icon_color=”” icon_bg_color=”” shape=”circle, rounded, square” font_size=”” fontawesome_icon=”fa fa-star”]

  • Full Time Door Business – Dealer must be a garage door specialist on a full-time basis.
  • Clean Warehouse & Premises – Premises must be kept neat and organized.
  • Good Reputation – Dealer must have a good reputation and business practices within local market.
  • Has IDEA Accreditation – C.H.I. recognizes the value of the IDEA Accreditation Seal.



Follow the recommended steps listed above to protect yourself from garage door repair scams.

Remember: Upright Door Service Inc has been tested and approved in our practices, reputation, and knowledge. Contact us today to take care of your garage door and operator needs 905-852-1981.

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